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Welcome to Haman County!!


Hamju Park, Mt. Yeohangsan, Haman Museum, Ancient Tomb Compound at Haman-ri Haman-ri


  • Araje Festival : This event holds cultural event and sports event and the stability and unity of Haman is becoming the festival of flowering.
  • Watermelon Festival : The Haman Watermelon Festival finally became the district-level festival in 2009 and successfully hosted the 16th Watermelon Festival.
  • Haman Levee Maratour : The 1st Eco Sing Sing Haman Levee Maratour, was hosted in May 2, 2010 at the entire embankment in Akyang, Beopsu-myeon.
  • Flower-Falling play : The Haman Fallen Blossoms Festival was a unique folk event held in Haman area before and after the Buddha's birthday in April.
  • Samchil Tug of War : As the typical folk event for Samchil area the Samchil Tug-of-War was hosted in Yongsan-cheon until 1960 and was restored in 2005.