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Mt. Yeohangsan

The original name for the most famous mountain in Haman, the Mountain Yeohang, is unknown but this is a relatively high mountain as it is 770m above the sea level.

Hangang Jeong Gu, who were appointed as Hamju Dohobusa(都護府使, public officer from Goryeo and Joseon Dynasty), named Mountain Yeohang after Yeo (boat, 艅) and Hang (sailing, 航) as this mountain is located the south of the county and this means 'the lower area where the ships go' as the south is high and the north is low.

There are about 7 mountain climbing courses in this mountain so there are mountain climbers throughout the year. Once you reach the mountain, the sky looks much closer and you can see Mountain Jiri on a very clear day and feels like you can touch the blue waves of South Sea.

  • Height : 770m above sea level