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Ancient Tomb Compound at Haman-ri

The south side of the Haman-gun is higher and the north side is lower and there are Nakdong River and Nam River on the north and west of Haman and there are 600m tall mountains on south and east.

This Ancient Tomb Compound is located on the entire Dohang and Malsan-ri in Gaya-eup, which was the capital of Aragaya, and is a historical site which clearly shows the splendid culture of Gaya.

The hundreds of tall ancient tombs, which are assumed as a tomb for Aragaya’s kings, are located on the higher places in a row and there are thousands of medium sized tombs underneath the tall ancient tombs.

The Ancient Tomb Compound was first discovered during the Japanese colonial period and the tomb number 34 is the largest royal tomb and its diameter is 39.3m and the height is 9.7m. Recently, horse armor was excavated at Magapchong, which is located at the northern part of the compound, and it looks exactly like the ancient tomb mural from the Goguryeo and the human skeletons of 5 people who were buried alive was excavated from the No. 8 tomb so it became an issue.