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Cultural and Sports Facilities

Haman Museum

The Haman Museum, which is established as a part of Dohang and Malsanri Ancient Tomb Compound Restoration Project, located on a 5,200 pyeong lot next to Gamgi Village in 748 Dohang-ri, Gaya-eup with about 7 billion won of budget.

The total floor space for this museum is 577 pyeong with 1 lower level and 2 ground floors and was built in October 2003.

This museum exhibited the relics from ruling class, such as horse armor, long sword with round pommel(Hwandudaedo, 環頭大刀), and jade necklaces of ruling class from 4~5th century, which were excavated in 1992 while establishing apartments in Dohang-ri in Gaya-eup, the earthenware such as wheel-shaped pottery and cup with flame-shaped hole and the relics from Anra Country which were excavated from Ancient Tomb Compound at Dohang and Malsan-ri.