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Title Haman Citizens’ Dayㆍ Ara Festival

2013-04-17 13:38:00 

Haman Citizens’ Dayㆍ Ara Festival

  • Festival date: 2013. 4. 19. ~ 4. 21. (3 days)
  • Festival period: Annual(April)
  • Location: Hamju Park, Haman Public Stadium, Sports Town, etc
  • Supervision: Ara Festival Committee
  • Project cost: 410 million won (county budget)
  • Administrative department: Division of Culture & Tourism 580-2303
  • Homepage :

Festival Outline

Our region was the capitol of Ara Gaya. Ara Gaya was a confederacy among 6 Gaya Kingdoms and it had very powerful and beautiful cultures.

Based on the wishes of Haman citizens to establish a cultural festival for our region, the festival project was planned it in Haman Young Adults Group, andthe Ara Cultural Festival Promotion Committee was organized. Chan-Hee Park who was the governor at that time, became the chairman of the project, Hyun-Jeong Lee who was the director of the division of cultures became the committee president and Hyung-Gyu Kim, the president of Haman Young Adults Group, became the chairman of the executive committee. In November 10, 1983, the opening festival was held and the 1st Ara Cultural Festival was held until December. In 1984, July 2 was established as the Citizens’ Day so since then, the festival was named as the Haman Citizens’ Day·Ara Festival.

The festival was held annually until its 4th festival(1986) but in 1987, the festival was cancelled due to the Tropical Typhoon THELMA. From the 5th festival (1988), Ara Festival was held only among the citizens every other year and from 1995, it was held annually again. The festival is held around April 4th because the Citizens’ Days was changed to April 4th in 2004.

The festival was divided in cultural and sports areas by 2011 but in 2012, sports area was excluded and only the cultural area remains in the festival.

Festival Major Programs

For the events on the eve of the festival, there are opening ceremonies (Citizens’ Award ceremony), Virgin Boatwoman Song Festival and for experiential events there are Ara Gaya pottery making, Jangseung (Korean traditional totem pole at the village entrance) making and a free museum tour. Visitors can also participate in writing contest, art contest, caligraphy contest, traditional plays (swing, Jegichagi, hoop rolling, Tuho, etc). Also, there are many exciting exhibitions and performances.

Citizens’ Award CeremonyCitizens’ Award

Ara Gaya pottery makingAra Gaya pottery

Totem MakingTotem Making
Virgin Boatwoman Song FestivalVirgin Boatwoman

Song Festival
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